Archaeological volunteers sought to help uncover St vincent's past. Past Horizons

Perge excavations turn 65 with Turkish archaeologists. Daily News

History brought to life as Battle of Marathon re-enacted. AFP

Bones of Roman-Era Babies Killed at Birth Reveal a Mystery. Live Science

Ninety years in the making, the 21-volume dictionary of the language of ancient Mesopotamia and its Babylonian and Assyrian dialects, unspoken for 2,000 years but preserved on clay tablets and in stone inscriptions deciphered over the last two centuries, has finally been completed by scholars at the University of Chicago. The New-York Times

Turkey Presses Harder for Return of Antiquities. The New-York Times

Forgotten archaeological gems: The ancient turquoise mines of South Sinai. AlMasryAlYoum


16 September 2011: Lecture on Conservation of Maya Monuments. Universiteit Leiden

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