Archaeology team following clues to 1662 chapel. The Washington Post

Egypt,Naples show on search for the Land of Punt. Ansa Med

Greece reopens Bronze Age site on Santorini island. Times Colonist

Preserving Archaeological Sites By Making Them Profitable. Fastcoexist

Specialist criminals stole £2m Chinese artefacts from university, say police. The Guardian

800 year old farmers could teach us how to protect the amazon. Heritage Daily

Inuit drum history longer than realised. Past Horizons

Buddhist antiques unearthed at Peruvaje. Deccan Herald

Gold ring, golden leaf from tsar's wreath found in Bulgaria's Sozopol. The Sofia Echo

Urn burial site discovered near Kancheepuram. The Hindu

Well preserved mammoth from Siberia shows signs of early man stealing from lions. Physorg

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