Waikato expressway uncovers a hidden past. Waikato Times

Vindolanda archaeological dig could shed light on body in ditch mystery. The Journal

Skeletons discovered in Bourton-on-the-Water nature reserve. Gloucestershire echo

Georgian monastery site inaugurated. Cyprus Mail

Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans, says CU-Boulder study. Eurekalert

Man landing on Madeira could be 4 centuries prior to its colonization by the Portuguese. Eurekalert

9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Structure Found Submerged in Lake Huron. Popular Archaeology

bust of Alexander the Great found in Cyprus. Ansamed

Archaeologists find 'lost' medieval village full of pottery, coins and bones in Scottish Borders. Culture24

Archaeologists discover cemetery in Mexican city with clues to ancient civilization. Heritage Daily

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