Germany returns illegally obtained archaeological samples from Cheops Pyramid. Daily News Egypt

'Drinkable' 200-year-old bottle of booze discovered in shipwreck. The Independent

Lost French fleet of 1565 remains a mystery after divers spend weeks looking off Florida coast. The St Augustine Record

Dig here: Albany historian says old maps point to exact location of fort Dutch built in 1614. daily Reporter

Rome’s first emperor died 2000 years ago – his tomb is now used as a toilet. Heritage Daily

Two ancient Maya sites discovered in southern Mexico. Past Horizons

Mummification started in Egypt 1,500 years earlier. Past Horizons

Demolished cottages and Roman pottery found. Loughborough Echo

Before they left Africa, early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'. Physorg

‘Significant’ human burial site uncovered by archaeologists in Cyprus. Cyprus Mail

Excavation ‘very likely’ to redefine the Zoroastrianism’s origin. CCTV

Polish archaeologists study Celtic oppidum in France. PAP

2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb. Live Science

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