The first human uses of beeswax have been established in Anatolia in 7000 BCE. Eurekalert

Missing land mentioned in ancient books discovered by archeologists in İzmir. Today's Zaman

Nearly 9,000 Artifacts Uncovered in California Desert, Spanning 11,500 Years of History. Western Digs

Selinunte: Site of ancient massacre yields the secrets of a lost Greek city. Independent

Gladiator Colosseum Found in Tuscany. Discovery news

Inca child mummy reveals lost genetic history of South America. Science

Infrared thermography study suggests other chambers exist inside Tutankhamun's tomb. Ahram Online

Archaeologists Uncover First Church Built In the Tropics and History Of Atlantic Slave Trade. Nature World News

Meet Sarah Parcak, a high-tech Indiana Jones who hunts artifact looters. The Hamilton Spectator

Ancient settlement uncovered at overpass roadworks in Normanby. Taranaki Daily News

Archaeologists Learn About Rare Marble Medusa Head Using 3D Photogrammetry. 3Dprint

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