Burial sites show how Nubians, Egyptians integrated communities thousands of years ago. Eurekalert

Elizabeth I dress: Altar cloth may be Queen's gown. BBC

Archaeologists reveal probable sites of two missions that predate the Alamo. News4SA

Experts stunned to discover early Shakespearian theatre was rectangular. Independent

Unseen Prehistoric Arms, Ancient & Medieval Swords Made Public for the First Time in Special Exhibit in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv. Archaeology in Bulgarie

Red paint found at Roman Baths during excavations. BBC

Ancient Cosmology Seen at Prehistoric Ohio Site. Discovery News

Polish archaeologists discovered dozens of paintings in Sudan. PAP

Jordan, Aphrodite statue discovered in Jerash. Ansamed

New research maps in unique detail the devastation of the Black Death on medieval England. Science Daily

Ancient Chinese pottery reveals 5,000-yr-old beer brew. Physorg

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