Ancient 'Deep Skull' from Borneo full of surprises. Eurekalert

Medieval weapon-making foundry discovered on shore of Lake Baikal. The Siberian Times

Ancient Baby Teeth Reveal Secrets Of A Polynesian Empire. Forbes

Roman gate discovered in ancient city of Hippos may solve mystery of mask of Pan. The Jerusalem Post

Archaeologists discover layers of Indo-Greek city in Swat. Dawn

1,400-Year Old Sledge Thawed Out of Norwegian Glacier. Glacier Hub

Unique Viking tomb contains remains of noble couple. Science Nordic

Archaeologists Find 3rd Century AD Roman Civic Basilica in Ancient City Herclea Sintica near Bulgaria’s Petrich. Archaeology in Bulgaria

Cambodia says tests confirm Angkor boat 8 centuries old. StatTribune

Skeletons, Coins Found in Dig of Ancient Pompeii Shop. ABC News

Largest collection of Peruvian Antiques returned. Peru this Week

Boundaries of Roman Empire redrawn after Devon archaeological dig. BBC

‘Ancient civilisations knew how to adapt to seasonal changes’. The Hindu

Holocaust-Era Escape Tunnel, Dug by Prisoners Using Their Hands and Spoons, Uncovered in Lithuania. Tablet

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