Palaeolithic art developed from public galleries towards more private exhibitions. Eurekalert

Archaeologists uncover new clues to Maya collapse. Eurekalert

Advanced geometry used by prehistoric architects in US Southwest. Past Horizons

The fiery demise of a vitrified hillfort in Scotland. Past Horizons

Discovery of Lost Dark Age Kingdom in Galloway. Heritage Daily

Council supports proposal to make Keatley Creek a World Heritage Site. Lillooet News

Archaeologists find 25 skeletons in medieval Cambridge friary. BBC

Ancient cultures used food to domesticate wild animals. The Colombus Dispatch

Archaeologists discover man whose tongue was replaced by a stone. The Guardian

Metal Detectorists Help Archaeologists Dig Up a Secret History. The New-York Times

Ancient figures reveal trading routes of prehistoric African civilisation. Physorg

Polish researcher investigates the health of children in ancient Egypt. PAP

The truth is in the garbage: New research examines ancient Roman trash. USA Today

Iceman Oetzi's last meal was 'Stone Age bacon'. Physorg

Archaeologists just found a medieval horse's head at the Colossseum. The Local

Massive Burial Ground Unearthed at Medieval Monastery in Sudan. Live Science

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