Reconstructing Ancestral Pueblo food webs.Past Horizons

Discoveries point to Roman wealth creation in Northern England. Past Horizons

Precision chronology sheds new light on the origins of Mongolia's nomadic horse culture. Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists find Roman emperor's 1,900-year-old summer home in Turkey  Haaretz

Ancient tools found near Route 8 now believed to be 12,700 years old. CBC news

Silk-Covered Body Discovered at Inner Mongolia Cemetery. Live Science

Polish archaeologists have discovered the oldest ancient houses of Nea Paphos in Cyprus. PAP

Scans of Viking Swords Reveal a Slice of Norse Culture. Live Science

Ancient teeth offer evidence of Ice Age dentistry. Physorg

Earliest dated rock art in Southern Africa depicts shamans' journey to the world of the spirits. IBT

Rome Metro workers accidentally discovered an ancient aqueduct. The Local

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