Secrets of ancient Irish funeral practices revealed. Eurekalert

Minoan and Mycenaean origins revealed. Popular Archaeology

Bronze Age box containing ancient wheat found in Swiss Alps. Popular Archaeology

Modern-day Lebanese descend from the Canaanites, suggests genetic study. Popular Archaeology

Pictish fort reveals surprising archaeological treasures. Heritage Daily

Archaeological excavations to resume at Turkey’s ancient site of Lagina. Daily SAbah

Archaeological field school from Singapore helped unearth rare ancient guardian statue at excavation in Angkor Wat. Coconuts

1,800-year-old mosaic discovered in ancient Anatolian city of Perge. Tornos News

Hidden murals discovered at Anba Bishoy Monastery. Egypt Independent

The Etruscans Were Expert Beekeepers, Ancient Honeycombs Suggest. Live Science

Polish divers discover secrets... of the Inca. PAP

Has the tomb of the first historian of the Americas been discovered? El Païs

6,500-Year-Old Gold Amulet, Child Skull in Building Foundations Discovered in Bulgaria’s Yunatsite Settlement Mound. Archaeology en Bulgaria

2,000-year-old carpenter’s tool unearthed in Hokuriku dig. The Asahi Shimbun

Uncovering the Galloway Viking Hoard, layer by layer. Museum Crush

Imaging Reveals Medieval Manuscript Hidden in Book Binding. Live Science

In Spain, an ancient cemetery buried under a cemetery. El Païs

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