Spectacular Archaeological Discovery: Lost City Belonging to Mysterious Culture Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest. ZME Science

Ancient Greek City Philippi to Claim Place in World Heritage List. Greek Reporter

Native American artifacts found in Eagleville. DNJ

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Coring in Ethiopia to create a half million year sedimentary record. Past Horizons

Study Lends New Support to Theory that Early Humans were Scavengers. Popular Archaeology

The precise dating of ancient charcoal found near a skull is helping reveal a unique period in prehistory. Eurekalert

Tomb of Amun gate's guard uncovered in Luxor. Ahram Online

Body of young woman who had Charles I shilling placed over eye found in shallow Oxford grave. Culture24

Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome. Physorg

Europe's Languages Were Carried From the East, DNA Shows. National Geographic

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