Hunter-gatherers experimented with farming in Turkey before migrating to Europe. Eurekalert

Campaign launched to help archaeologists search for an Iron-Age broch. Past Horizons

Beaded Burial at Cahokia not a monument to male power. Past Horizons

Archaeological Excavations Finds 26K Artifacts in New Mexico. Tempo.Co

Archaeologists discover 12,300-year-old fire pit in northern Utah. India.TV

Roman 'Curse Tablets' Made of Gold Discovered in Viminacium, Serbia. NBC News

Ancient beads' lasting magic. Bangkok Post
Danish archaeologists find mysterious well. CPH Post
Beautiful treasure in ancient Cyprus tomb reveals island was crucial Mediterranean hub. IBT

Scientific evidence of mythical great flood found in China. CBC News
Palace of Illyrian rulers dating back more than two thousand years discovered by Polish archaeologists. PAP
Restored Pompeii kitchens show how Romans cooked. The Local

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