The Roman shoe hoard of Vindolanda. Heritage Daily

1,000-year-old dog burials continue to pop up at Lima zoo. Fox News Latino

Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors could have been made with the help of the Greeks, archaeologists reveal. The Telegraph

Explorer claims he's located famous pirate ship's treasure. Houston Herald

5,000-year-old grape seeds found in Izmir archaeological site. Daiy Sabah History

25 New 'Dead Sea Scrolls' Revealed. Live Science

No ‘Biblical Deluge’ but Gradual Ice Age Melting Made Black Sea ‘a Sea’, Archaeologists Find after Underwater Expedition in Bulgaria’s Waters. Archaeoloy in Bulgaria

Excavation nearly complete at ancient tomb in east China. Xinhuanet

Thousands of artefacts discovered during excavations in the lost city. PAP

Ancient people of Paphos enjoyed a pint. In Cyprus

Alcester bird bath turns out to be Roman artifact. Redditch Standard

Ancient skeleton covered in cannabis shroud unearthed in China. Physorg

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