Study could provide first clues about the social lives of extinct human relatives. Eurekalert

Researchers study Scythian horse breeding. Past Horizons

New technique extracts DNA from hominids preserved in sediments. Past Horizons

Tibetan people have multiple adaptations for life at high altitudes. Popular Archaeology

Excavation uncovers major Iowa archaeological site. Globe Gazette

Chinese Archaeologists Discover 1,400-Year-Old Tomb With Mythical Imagery, Including Blue Monster. The Science Times

Unique funerary garden unearthed in Thebes. Ahram Online

3,000-year-old axes found in farmer's field in mid-Norway. Physorg

1,800 years old tomb group found in central China. Xinhuanet

Whetstone found at suspected Iron Age site near Wick. BBC

Mycenean-Era Tomb with Grave Goods Discovered in Salamin. Greek Reporter

1,700-year-old temple reveals ancient religion in east Anatolia. Daily Sabah

Canadian researchers count on Siberian reindeer herders to solve archaeological mystery. RCI

Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste. The Tico Times

Mycenean-era tomb with grave goods unearthed in Salamis main town. Tornos News

Saint Edmund, the Saxon king, may be buried under town's tennis courts, experts believe. The Telegraph

Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya's Wat Daeng. Bangkok Post

Danish Vikings 'may have made their own wine'. the Local

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