Archaeological site in El Salvador reveals its secrets. Firstpot

Archaeological artifacts discovered in Arctic Finland. Alaska Dispatch News

Skeleton of child exhumed in France might be oldest case of Down Syndrome. Tech Times

Neanderthal trait found in archaic early human skull. Past Horizons

One secret of ancient amber revealed. Eurekalert

Archaeologists have unearthed a bath house at Segedunum Roman Fort after years of speculation. Heritage Daily

Forestry officials unearth stone spearheads in northern Lapland. Uutiset

Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq. Live Science

2,500-year-old erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island. The Guardian

Ancient Roman city discovered under Nile Delta silt. Egypt Independent

Five 6,000-year-old sarcophagi unearthed in western Turkey. Today's Zaman

11,000 years old elk bones shrouded in mystery. Science Nordic

Scientists are studying mummies from the Temple of Hatshepsut. PAP

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