High-tech imaging reveals precolonial Mexican manuscript hidden from view for 500 years. Eurekalert

Pre-Hispanic Mexican civilization may have bred and managed rabbits and hares. Eurekalert

Hieroglyphic texts reveal Maya innovation in maths and astronomy. Past Horizons

First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain. Past Horizons

Earliest population of America not through Bering Land Bridge. Past Horizons

Sensational Grave Find in Cypriote Bronze Age City. Heritage Daily

New research reveals the ‘spectacular’ secrets of Britain’s earliest stone circles. Independent

Finding 2000-yr-old Roman trade links. Times of India

Found: grave of Siberian noblewoman up to 4,500 years old - with links to native Americans. The Siberian Times

 Tool or weapon? Popular Archaology

Scientists Solve Mystery of 5,300-Year-Old Ice Man’s Clothes. Time

‘Secret Clock’ of Carbon-14 Within Tree Rings Could Revolutionize Archaeology. Laboratory Equipment

Ancient Bling: Exquisite Jewelry Found in Tomb of Chinese Woman. Live Science

New Discoveries From Cahokia’s ‘Beaded Burial’ May Rewrite Story of Ancient American City. Western Digs

Remarkable ancient structure found just two miles from Stonehenge. Independent

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