Structures dating to King Solomon discovered at Tel Aviv University excavation. Eurekalert

Earliest human settlement of North America has new estimated date. Past Horizons

Ancient Buddha Discovered in reservoir, Report. Web Top News

London’s Victorian era pottery find unearths tale of how Indian food became popular in Britain. The Indian Express

Lost dark age kingdom discovered in Galloway. The Scotsman

Discovery of tomb building in Seymareh. Irna

Danish archaeologist may have found the tomb of a really, really (really) old Viking chief. CPH Post

Archaeologists discovered 7 thousand old years old house in Moldova. PAP

Board game and luxuries discovered in Crusader castle in the Galilee. Haaretz

How Did People of Chaco Canyon Grow Their Food? Expert Says, They Didn’t. Western Digs

Crossrail dig unearths 13,000 Victorian jam jars. BBC

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