The ancient Indus civilization's adaptation to climate change. Eurekalert

New Pre-Roman Settlement at Vagnari, Italy. Past Horizons

38,000 year-old image of an aurochs discovered in French rockshelter. Past Horizons

Ancient DNA reveals 'continuity' between Stone Age and modern populations in East Asia. Popular Archaeology

Become a Space Archaeologist With This New Online Platform. NBC NEws

Archaeological excavations cast new light on Abu Dhabi's earliest inhabitants. Aviamost

Archaeologists Uncover Roman Theater, Bathhouse at Hippos-Sussita. SCI News

Secrets of mummified royals who loved tattoos and CANNABIS to be revealed for first time in 2,200 years. Mailonline

Maya collapse at Ceibal occurred in waves of warfare, political instability. Raw Story

Jar containing human remains from Hellenistic period found in southwestern Turkey. Daily Sabah

Tattooed owners of the world's oldest carpets get health check after 2,200 years. The Siberian Times

Saxon workshop evidence found by amateur archaeologists in Somerset. BBC

Once-flooded Spanish villages and archaeological sites emerge as reservoirs dry up. Stuff

Ancient Mayan Superhighways Found in the Guatemala Jungle. Seeker

2,000-year-old clay doll dug up in one piece at Osaka ruins site. The Asahi Shimbun

The oldest glass-making workshop in Poland is approx. 2 thousand years old. PAP

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