Human nose evolution shaped by climate. Popular Archaeology

New research indicates that Alfred the Great probably wasn’t that great. Heritage Daily

Egyptian ritual images from the Neolithic period. Eurekalert

A baby's bone discovered in archaeological dig in St. Augustine. Firstcoast
Major Viking Age Archaeological Find Discovered in Denmark. NewHistorian
Roman skeletons unearthed at Pontefract building site. BBC
Chinese discover legendary treasure buried in river bank. The Courier Mail
Ancient Vergina fortifications in Greece dated to reign of post-Alexander King Cassander by archaeologists. Tornos News
Skeletal remains found during excavation. Telangana Today
Ancient Roman temple the size of St Paul's Cathedral discovered in Italy. International Business Times
"Reading" in bones - new facts on the social life organisation in ancient Mesopotamia. PAP
Greek Ministry of Culture: Port of ancient sea battle of Salamis discovered. Tornos News
Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb discovered under Chinese construction site. Independent
It wasn't just Greece: Archaeologists find early democratic societies in the Americas. Science 
2,000 year old warrior armour made of reindeer antlers found on the Arctic Circle. The Siberian Times

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