University of South Carolina discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery. Eurekalert

Dental Plaque DNA Opens New Window on Neanderthal Life-Ways. Popular Archaeology

More archaeological digs to uncover our past could be coming along. Mothership

Egypt lost 98% of tourists visiting archaeological sites within 6 years: Itta Tours . Daily News Egypt

800 ancient copper coins discovered in Budgam. Greater Kashmir

Prehistoric artifacts found on Coney Island. Chaska Herald

Ancient skulls may belong to elusive humans called Denisovans. Science

Archaeologists say they've found the campsite used by survivors of legendary 'doomed' ship. ADN

Greek Culture Minister allocates €2.5 million for Amphipolis Tomb project works. Tornos News

How to Eat Like a Viking. National Geographic

High official's family tombs unearthed in Chengdu. China

Tree scars record 700 years of natural and cultural fire history in a northern forest. Science Daily

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