Radiocarbon dating of phytolith traces rice domestication to 10,000 years ago. Eurekalert

5,000 Years of Native American Moundbuilding. Popular Archaeology

Remote outback archaeology project unearths new stories about early Aboriginal lives. ABC

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Oldest Houses In Icelandic History Possibly Found. grapevine

Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala. Internationail Business Times

Lost temple discovered after 1,000 years in Chengdu.

Ancient underground city with 52 chambers discovered in Turkey's Kayseri. Daily Sabah

Did children build the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna? The Guardian

This Mask Is Among the Oldest Human-Made Metal Objects in South America. Live Science

Laser technology uncovers 1,600-year-old Christian frescoes in Rome's biggest catacomb. The Telegraph

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