Wild sheep grazed in the Black Desert 14,500 years ago. Eurekalert

'Lost city' used 500 years of soil erosion to benefit crop farming. Eurekalert

Evidence for long distance Neolithic trading network in Vietnam uncovered. Past Horizons

Remarkable artistry hidden in ancient Roman painting revealed. Popular Archaeology

Mosaic Floor of 1,500-year-old 'Boutique Hotel' Found in Jerusalem. Haaretz

Archaeological dig uncovers evidence of Roman bathhouse and spa in Faversham. Kent Online

Archaeological foundation unearths Chola era temple. Deccan Chronicle

Ancient villages lost at sea in East Riding. Heritage Daily

Underwater Archaeologists Uncovering Secrets of Sunken Pirate City. SCI News

Some secrets of China’s terra-cotta army are baked in the clay. Science News

Archaeologists discover 8th century settlement near Sallins Leinster Leader

Archaeologists discover ancient trade routes in Vietnam. UPI

Thousand-year-old Viking fortress reveals a technologically advanced society. Science

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