Bones reveal social differences between the people buried in dolmens and those in caves. Eurekalert

DNA reveals that modern humans emerged more than 300,000 years ago. Past Horizons

Scandinavia's earliest farmers exchanged terminology with Indo-Europeans. Popular Archaeology

280 Acres of Greece’s Hellinikon Ruled Archaeological Site. Greek Reporter

Gypsum head of King Akhenaten statue unearthed in Egypt's Minya. Ahram Online

Crossing the Alps in the Neolithic age. Swiss Info

Viking Fort Reveals Secrets of Danish King's Elaborate Military Network. live Science

Ancient grain reveals the development of the earliest cities. Science Nordic

2,000-year-old toys discovered inside children's tombs in Turkey's Çanakkale. Daily Sabah

Peru: Wood sculptures and other relics found at ancient Chan Chan. Andina

Artefacts found at Grunwald: Teutonic seal and Prussian spearheads. PAP

Unique Jade Amulet was Discovered in Kaliakra, Probably Made in China. Novinite

Ancient Stone Carvings Capture Maya Ballplayers in Action. Live Science

Rose Gold Jewelry Was All the Rage with Ancient Colombians. Live Science

Discovery of 10,000-year-old petroglyph in Norway described as 'sensational'. The Local

Pre-Incan grave with skeletons of 1,000-year-old human sacrifices found in Peru. Internation Business Times

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