Micro to macro mapping -- Observing past landscapes via remote-sensing. Eurekalert

Wooden tools hint at fire use by early Neanderthals. Popular Archaeology

Baylor University’s Institute of Archaeology Casts Doubts on Early Humans in California. Baylor

Piece of rusty iron in stream turns out to be prehistoric axe. The Slovak Spectator

Israeli archaeologists unearth rare Roman-era mosaic. DW

Second century AD Roman villa discovered in Warwick. BBC

Archaeologists uncover ancient Egyptian beer and bread-making facilities. The Drinks Business

Egypt: Archaeologists discover priestess' 4,400-year-old tomb near pyramids outside Cairo. Independent

Mummies of early Chinese immigrants unearthed in Peru. CBC News

Ancient Anatolian Church Discovery Reveals Where Turkey’s Earliest Christians Worshipped. Newsweek

Truck Runs Over Ancient Peruvian Archaeological Site, Ignores Warning Signs. Newsweek

Three burial chambers engraved with hieroglyphics discovered in Giza. Egypt Independent

Archaeologists may have found architects' camp for Stonehenge. the Guardian

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