University of Miami anthropological linguist studies the anumeric language of an Amazonian tribe; the findings add new perspective to the way people acquire knowledge, perception and reasoning. Eurekalert

 ASU sustainability scientist to give anthropologist view of globalization at the local scale. Eurekalert

Climate change, economic turmoil and cultural upheaval may be pressing concerns today -- but history can teach us how best to respond, research suggests. Eurekalert

Aztec carving tell story of cosmic battle. Past Horizons

Evidence of massacre in bronze age Turkey. Past Horizons

Precious past: why the ancient assets of Greece and Egypt must be saved. The Guardian

Archaeologists discover Jordans earliest buildings. Heritage Daily
University of Tennessee hosts Symposium on Reading, Writing in Pre-modern World.

Archaeologists Excavate Magnificent Monumental City of the Decapolis. Popular archaeology

Japanese-Egyptian team starts restoring King Khufu's second solar boat. Ahram online

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