Mobile women were key to cultural exchange in Stone Age and Bronze Age Europe. Eurekalert

Researching meaning of geometric earthworks in southwestern Amazonia. Past Horizons

Copper Age storage jar once contained wine. Past Horizons

Babylonian clay tablet mathematical mystery solved. Past Horizons

Unique 7,200-year-old clay model silo forces rethink of how society evolved. The Times of Israël

2,500 year-old Iron Age hill fort to be restored. Devon Live

Stará Ľubovňa Castle reveals new secrets. The Slovak Spectator

The face of a mystery ruler revealed: Smashed head from a 4,300-year-old statue shows unknown Egyptian pharaoh. Mail online

Stone inscription in Tamil found near Jolarpet. The Hindu

Home hundreds of years old unearthed as Quinhagak readies cultural center. Alaska Dispatch News

New clue may reveal the fate of famous French explorer. Science Daily

Amateur archaeologists unearth rare Roman mosaic hailed as 'best seen in decades'. Independent

Skeleton plundered from Mexican cave was one of the Americas’ oldest. Nature

'Tsunami-sunk' Roman ruins discovered in Tunisia. Physorg

Medieval London was the most violent place in England. News Scientist

Long-lost medieval village of 'Bolko I the Strict' discovered in Poland. Newsweek

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